Don’t grow up. It’s a trap.

As milestones pass, I find myself wishing my (not-so) little girl will stop growing up so quickly—the first day of school, first lost tooth, first cartwheel, the list is endless. Well, it was finally time to add a little paint to her walls, and give her a “big girl” room.

When we moved into this house, we took a more modern route to her princess-esque room instead of the standard princess décor—black and white princess silhouettes, a dress form to hold her fancy dresses, and all stuffed animals corralled into a basket. While it served her well for a few years—she’s now moving into Grade 3, and ready for an updated room and look.

After being inspired by a friend, and by countless hours on Pinterest…the decision was made. Geometric shapes in shades of turquoise with a purple accent was to go up on the walls in the current guest room.  A few trips to Home Depot and a lot of tape later, the painting portion of the room was complete—three “splooshes” as I affectionally call them. The two pictured below and another by her door to add a little colour to the corner.

K knew about the room change, and the general idea of what was to come. She was away at the cottage while the makeover happened—only seeing a small portion of the paint to keep her (kind of) satisfied. New room, new colour, new furniture, new layout has totally transformed this space, and made it a place that she can grow with and into. My favourite part of the bedroom (aside from the accent walls), has to be the new labels on her dressers. Each drawer has its name and each item of clothing has its place.

The look on her face, and the squeals that escaped her when seeing the room for the first time were priceless, and well worth the wait.  There are still accents to come, but it’s a good start before K heads off to Grade 3!


Paint: Behr Marquee
Base colour: Fresh Day
Accent colours: Caribe, Bali Bliss, Tropical Waterfall, and Bohemianism

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